The question of operative removal of the tumour gave con

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be logically argued that antisyphilitic treatment was unnecessary therapeutic

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Established The oldest Surgdcal Instrument Manufacturing.un. lt i

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the posterior lobe of the pituitary body look.a thoug.

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all about his work and the people associated with him but

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was acknowledged to be more doubtful November. This brain

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occurred at Falkirk on th August. Dr. Gilfillan who was

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examining the other kidney at least by palpation and of

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skilful and expert surgeon the operation of partial thyroidectomy could be

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performed except that of writing. But when the record of the case is

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a prospect of relief even at great risk to the patient. Are

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rise to widespread ecchymotic discoloration of the skin and the nature


that the true nature of the case became evident. The plate

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was whether by symbiosis or merely by weakening the vital resistance con

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The translator is to be congratulated there is almost perfect

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oedema was noticed low down at the side of the chest.

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Lead. Treatment. Give an emetic in the first place then

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editions men of such established reputation that it seems

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paralysis to this cause. I have twice seen paralysis from

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spent on sweets any change that he received. He had ceased

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probably considerable factor in the spread of infection and visits to these

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reminded that such courses of lectures as relate to Final Examinations

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rubber if it can be had so as to diminish the swelling and

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cottage houses and subsidies for the poor after which Mr.

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with a report on your conduct and methods of practice at the

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illustrate some of these drawbacks. In each of these cases the

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they all felt great pleasure at the steady advance the hospital

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rate. With hyperthyroidism the metabolic rate was increased. He considered

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other teeth were liable to be affected by disease and the resulting hypoplasia

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medication with novarsenobillon was undertaken. Three injections the first

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One pound of raisins seeded and chopped half a pound of

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all over the hands. Wear the gloves all night and wash

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progresses centrifugally. As this disease is contagious

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must be kept covered and shut hermetically so that they be

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March and when there were in hospital not more than three patients.

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Thus fairly launched the Western Medical School pursued

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who retired by rotation. Professor Glaister proposed a vote

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the naso pharynx hurting and terrorising the child. When tonsils are hyper

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compilers seem to think that the fact that students already use

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wrist predominate in the seventh and the flexors in the

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thickened and striated. The child was born in India and had recently

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Method of Irradiation I. We will take as the radiation conditions

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The patient S.. is a fairly well developed young English woman

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water while you broil the tomatoes lay them on a hot dish


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