A careful surgical technique is necessary during the removal of the hair

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consumer at the marvelousiy low price of ONE DOLLAR PER POUND.

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neck formed by a contracting adhesion. Volvulus occurs as a

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repeated and the cicatrix in the region of the sac was

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one even a modicum of success would in my opinion far

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The patient was then infused with ounces of saline with

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squeezed away leaving a whole mass quite equal to the high

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adducted because the cricoid thyroid and arytaenoideus muscles were not

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which like cancer had defied every previous effort to conquer them. That

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this is being done the character of the fluid if any in the

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immediately their sight recovers and it will be a great benefit

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Medical Officers of the Naval Military and Indian Services.

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distances the dogs will cover in their unconscious frenzy wandering aimlessly

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prognosis is uncertain and there is a danger of relapses and of the

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renal threshold was about per cent. as with the blood sugar at this

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be in accord with the recognised nerve supply as found

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Points of Interest. My reasons for bringing this case here are first that

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point of view compromise was even more important than in the Mercantile

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In corresponding witb Advertisers please mention THE MEDICAL AND SURGICAL REPORTEE.

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auditory apparatus is intact where all the muscles without excepting


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