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pulmonary conditions like bronchitis and broncho pneumonia but its most

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just described. On palpation there is no tenderness either

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had formerly had gonorrhoea but never syphilis. His Wassermann reaction

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paroxysmal headaches and bouts of fever was difficult and in view of the

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dix was thought to be the origin of the abscess but it was

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iridectomy was done tension and pain were relieved

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It is claimed that these products keep indefinitely and that the medium

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colleague whom I saw with that most distinguished physician.

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depressing influence upon the nervous system and retards re

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dition iodides stimulated the thyroid and so would counteract hypothyroidism

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i At an adjourned meeting of the Section held March L.

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article of diet in his own home he does not exclude meat

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evacuated from antrum. Temperature rose to after operation. Restless

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PnNQTlP amp TlflM Cerebral Coi gestion Headache Indigestion Bile

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and the adulteration of and diseases caused by food. In two

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removal of the plate on account of increasing pain and stiffness of one

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signs which are identical with those of pulmonary tuberculosis. Certain of the

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given in small frequently repeated doses. If there is much

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upon the skill and honesty of the manufacturing pharmacist.

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mencement are usually without danger if they come on at

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becoming an increasingly difficult problem and it may prove


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