includes the full term of six months from May till October.

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collateral activity in what may be termed collectively sanitary

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almost be called an eclectic. The great object of his school

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Examination for the Beaney Scholarship held this month.

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disease without fever or acute manifestations. When a definite attack of acute

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ing time the mould is quickly dipped in warm water and

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only point of resemblance to splenomegaly consisted in sharp depression on

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follicular type before they became characteristically framboesioid. A point

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either placed in a ridge round the dish or separately or

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it wise merely to drain the pelvis. The general condition improved and

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They apply to their faces half an hour before their daily

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succinctly localized visual word centre auditory word centre and executive

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of food becomes difficult there is thirst and the water is

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distinguished from normal not only in the gastrocnemius but also in the other

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of these conditions the present case conforms with the single

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adopted in England is nevertheless one producing the be t

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too are Mr. Travers s preparations illustrating the process of nature in

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which the food can be regurgitated permits the organ to retain

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portion which was left intact the gland tissue would never atrophy and he

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buried in the post nasal growth six hours mm. silver screen. Sep

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ditions the risk of the first purchase by a physician

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and patience with which the examinations are conducted.

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Congenital syphilis could and did imitate exactly nearly all the surgical lesions

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of cold influenza and accidents in a thousand forms to

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hard. No definite eggshell crackling but on firm pressure being applied there

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spastic paraplegia peroneal atrophy and the various types of myopathic

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cated by one individual to another. There can be no doubt

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relative immunity. When all was said and done far the most important type

intend to practise as midwives many of these again in rural

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pan with a small piece of butter. Keep moving the pan

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its mid point crossiug a line drawn from the umbilicus to the

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