Amputation through the thigh in the lower third by lateral transfixion flaps.

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With regard to pleural reflex he had twice encountered alarming symptoms

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improvement after antisyphilitic treatment had been recorded Schulmann and

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OSTEOTOMY of femur for ankylosis of hip Sir W. MacCormac

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gone without bringing final answers to questions which vexed them then.

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musculature must not be interfered with. If this is preserved the skin

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airway and held in position by adhesive plaster. This is an unsatisfactory

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pletely with a peritoneal fold fixed over as a plastic graft.

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property as a counter irritant resolvent and vasomotor stimulant favours this

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difficulty at the angle of the mouth. For that I use an original

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important than warmth. That climate which allows the

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who kindly allowed me to investigate and report on the con

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have completed their clinical course elsewhere shall be

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the left supraspinous fossa. He attributed this pain to rheumatism but

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precisely the same diseases as those which are given to

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urine could be obtained for examination as the bladder was

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caused my preparations is now amply compensated by the

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from arsing The evidence on this point also was insufficient. In this

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is necessary beyond the administration of small doses of a

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emphysema and the breathing becomes more abdominal and less costal.

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