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in charge of the Tuberculosis Department at Guy s Hospital. I con

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lightly with the other composition then stir in the flour

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Dr. W. HlLL mentioned a similar case in an adult which he exhibited

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muscle nerve preparations of the frog. Experiments are given in detail.

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Although only eighteen months have elapsed since Rol

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syphilitic whose response to the disease had been cut so short by treatment

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The lady I speak of found it necessary to resort to the pantry

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eight for traumatic cataracts. The incision was made with

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table was one in which drainage would not I think have

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find it remarkably free from fusel oil and other objec

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should he ever see his way to appoint a knowledgeable hospital

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the functions and surgical uses of the omentum of Drs. Ritchie

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This is a clearly written and well printed book of pages

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Published at the Office of the Medical and Surgical Reporter.

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a shipbuilding yard at Port Glasgow. He consulted me

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the bowels. On retiring to bed at night inject the fol

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this there was decidedly Jin added interest in the case.

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cases of cataract extraction and in case of evisceration. The vomiting was not

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Spasmodic Closing of Cerebral Arteries and its Relation to

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and is divided into chapters devoted to sensation in general the

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if they had been left severely alone. There was another point No

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characters of the eruption and the associated symptoms of rosacea

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lesions this I have never actually seen before though I know it has

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failed to arrest it I therefore determined to sew up the posterior

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it was unfortunately quite impossible to get further particu

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from the history. Temperature was F. pulse and strong

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leather or an old silk handkerchief. This powder should

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discharges in dysentery. In its treatment an important

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was agreement concerning certain general principles. Since the discovery of

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thus no doubt largely contributing to the health and well

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tionable materials so oftea found in the whiskeys of the

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sarily at the outset at higher prices. It would thus seem to be

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as much water as will make it into a stiff paste. Set this

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was generally syphilitic. He asked whether the Wassermann test had been done on

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spread to the surrounding tissues if the csecutn the omentum

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The rule of not inserting cases under two or more headings

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of salvarsan caused shedding of granules from the Spirochaeta pa hi and he

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which shall have stipende and salarie only for that purpose so that all

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phrenic nerve in the diaphragm itself not to irritation of the liver.

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Physician Royal Hospital for Sick Children ilasgow.


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