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Case. Female aged. Previous to coming for X ray treatment she had been

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obtained by the method of inunction is sufficient to compensate for its more

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the pelvis and the iliac and retro caecal fossae of seven days

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Carbolic Acid. Treatment. Use the stomach syphon if

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severe apoplexy. In all these cases post mortem softening was found in the

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A word is necessary regarding the exact operation performed.

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hospital and it showed the typical appearances of osteitis fibrosa. The

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or gangrenous tissue involved then no local drainage is

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of blunted sensation extending inches below this localisation of sensation

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sidering its position singularly exempt from traumatic perils.

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dystrophies peculiar to congenital syphilis was still a sign of considerable

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twice made such vertical rents in mesentery vhilst removing

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The left arm was characteristically rotated inwards. The

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perature remained high and the pulse ranged between and. Restlessness

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Malt Whiskey and found it to be absolutely pure not

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The Lister Ward. At a meeting of Glasgow University

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right to excise the diseased portion of the stomach and in a

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chicken or fowl to every lb. of meat allow oz. of ham

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Hymen was almost imperforate and there was a slight continuous sanguineous discharge

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itic area between it and the liver dulness. The swelling

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jejunum and two cases of malignant ulcer. The primary cause

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On November. an auto inoculation experiment was attempted. Fluid

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Malt Whiskey and found it to be absolutely pure not

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cine homoeopathically prepared is of equal strength with its

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to this when the removal was delayed till the fifth da. The

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twenty one the lens matter swelled up so rapidly that its

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Case of Subglottic Thickening at first diagnosed as Primary

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It is a Stomachic Tonic and relieves Indigestion Flatu

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and supplied as required to my colleague Dr. Langton Hewer. As soon

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of lesions which however variegated and anomalous could conceivably be

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Bismuth and Hydrastia twenty five per cent of which is Hydrastia Citrate.

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slightly different plan may be adopted and a saving of space may be


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