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namely a pendulous and elongated gall bladder associated
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musculature of the eyeball and sclerotic and atrophic changes in the auditory
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sium and balsamic remedies should be taken. If there be
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injury might be prevented in some cases or at any rate
the assaults made by the disease upon the central nervous system. Still the
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the candidate has been registered in the books of the General
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cari ied out in former years by Dr. Tate. The first part
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temperate and mild climate about and a range of not
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cemetery and is to embrace a bronze medallion likeness of Dr.
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foul pus was evacuated from what was supposed to be a
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Professor of Physiology and Clinical Professor of Diseases
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absent and may if present be caused by a bruised con
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have been gradually increasing in size during the last thirteen years.
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reason why an ulcer of the stomach should not be more likely
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recognized and acted on correctly although they are wrongly enunciated.
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chronic interstitial nephritis a Tho diffuse small celled infiltration might
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taining a solution of one part of corrosive sublimate and
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than gradual changes in temperature being most powerfully affected by the
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Here local customs vary to such a degree that nothing approaching
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services. He has at his command ambulance trains specially
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frequent cause when it is difficult and accompanied by a
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then add the crab mixing it well with the salad. Pile on a
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Snake Bites. Bites from venomous serpents are exceed
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sible to deliver the lens by expression in No. an attempt
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Dr. Maclachlan in his presidential address dealt with the
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of the reality of the pure or subcortical type of aphasia from subcortical
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preserved in a permanent form which the worker on these
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were several ways in which congenital syphilis mighl be thought to lead to
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fine sateen outside fine lining inside and a slight stif
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assistant in the University of Glasgow. He also acted as house
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The author considers that too much attention is paid to the
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and pour over it a tablespoonful of vinegar and the juice of
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Secondly in the origin of the abnormality there was a close association
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If however the patient is so ill for example in a case of
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memory not only of spoken but of written words that is lost.
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In the foregoing I have attempted to place before you some facts
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same result. The man was probably a psychasthenic and some phobia was


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