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with the aid of a pastebrush if of bread it is fried if
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Under Patronage of the World s most Eminent Surgeons.
others and become a unit for the treatment of diseases of a particular
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were inoculated with spleen blood. One suffered from fever dyspnoea
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a little succulent gravy or rather some good half glaze at
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of Life it appeared that the mortality of sufferers from exophthalmic goitre was
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gradually increased in degree. He took food fairly well but at times
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liable to disturbance later on in life by comparatively slight causes. Eose
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a similar task before the patient through various forms of command
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any trace of tenderness. Wasting is well marked in the
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advantage of an additional three months to devote to the preparation
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of considerably greater strength and efficacy than heretofore.
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eminently satisfied and the after effects were slight. Mr. Kirkby Thomas emphasized
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meet with in prescribing the many imitations and spurious varieties of Cascara on
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there was no sign of visceral lesion is quite credible but
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the left ureter only. There was no shadow in the a gt ray
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feeling of chilliness is succeeded by that of warmth and general exhilaration
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had diarrhoea. Rectal feeding. He became rapidly more feeble and died on rd
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space might have been saved by leaving out of consideration
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general condition had been excellent. He had been quite afebrile sleeping and eating
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medical treatment the symptoms would often abate but having reached a
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is preferable. After the fish is cleaned and washed sprinkle


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