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wash clean lay it on the board and break down the breast

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each this manner of connecting brings the plates nearer together than

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recorded with the apparatus then available. The first

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Kesection of recurrent growth inches of General peritonitis small gut much

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tions on a syphilitic basis the transformation could be watched.

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made on the suggestion of Dr. Shaw Dunn. Lumbar puncture

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Surgeons Glasgow grants a licence to practise. This Triple

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population as against. The corrected death rate was

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The UTERINE PORTION is a cup and stem made of highly polished

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Mr. Garey who studied medicine at the Glasgow Royal Infir

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operated upon and those on which one would like to operate but cannot.

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number of those ornamental and exquisite specimens of

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which form the sympathetic nervous system in normal

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pneumonia for a period of about four months but has little

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the prepuce. There was no evidence of syphilis and the complement fixation

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the Middlesex Hospital and gave the following history For several years she

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end organs and terminal fibres of the peripheral nerves and it progresses

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are all in the same building thus affording convenient and

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acquired. Those who hold certificates of existing ambulance

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l flNQTIPATIflM Cerebral Congestion Headache Indigestion Bile

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known. It is evident that it must present valuable facilities to

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homoeopathy is it is necessary first of all to ascertain the

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changes in the articular structures all have to be taken into account as

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for Anteversious and Retroversions also Spring Stem Cup with posterior

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talking very similar to that met with in cases of epidemic encephalitis.

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The case in many particulars resembles the type of splenic anaemia

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I use a Coolidge tube working with a to in. alternate spark

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have become in Germany. The second English edition ably

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but congested with velvety infiltration and a clean ulceration on the inner

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prepared by knowledge much of which has yet to be gathered about the

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method malignant disease of the kidne can be attacked much

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two things to be done l Lessen the thyroid gland remove the


ventricle and of the left auricle and ventricle as the mitral auricle

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treatment with or without the help of the Wassermann reaction.

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when applied to collections such as we are considering the

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POLYNEURITIS in relation to gestation and the puerperium

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and ginger each half an ounce bruised horseradish and

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In all they had examined sixty two cases. There was some interest in

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fully and put in a stone jar put more tomatoes in the

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able amount of blood stained fluid. Needless to say the operation was not

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thought to be tubercular found on omentum and peritoneum.

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coil spring lays between the cup and base n. When there is pressure

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wished for the desire to relieve suffering will inspire a

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curves of which indicate fche contractions of both the auricles

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cold bath. Heat excites or exhausts according to the temperature and method


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