large portion of the medical profession against the

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treating ringworm at half time distances he agreed that theoretically

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in the Lancet of October with an account of thirty seven cases.

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the lungs are chiefly if not solely affected. Cases of this type point

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He is an undersized child st. J lb. but does not present

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or until there is no liquid remaining bring the milk to the

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Tonsils and adenoids removed at years of age. No history of exanthematous

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ment. These cases are still under observation at the Royal

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we do give a dinner party we strive our utmost to carry off

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Chronic capsulitis. Chronic capsulitis is occasionally met

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does not lock up the secretions. In the restlessness and delirium of

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noon her kitchen tins and bright utensils. By arranging her

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total intending to practise in rural districts has fluctuated but

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effects of vaso constriction. The arterioles have very little muscular tissue in

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few minutes then add a teaspoonful of flour a little salt and

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paralytic distension of the intestines. The temperature was

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ever needed. Does not soften and loosen itself as catgut does. Price per

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leads directly to the base of the appendix. Occasionally

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gestion made some years ago that such an operation deprived

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will eventually be pierced if the elaboration of a run be convenient to

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injecting substances into it which will give off secondary radiations.

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Did they really exist as functioning organs Mr. Berry had told them that

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Medical Superintendent Edmonton Infirmary late M Cunn Research Scholar

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mortem examination was made some days later no bullets

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The disturbance of function maybe divided in eight divisions General

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In collecting cases in which an operation has been done

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tric Mactdnes Stereopticons Solar Monocular and Binocular Microscopes.

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milk and stir until smooth season with salt and white pep

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reversion of the physicianship to succeed if Grent should

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more marked on the trunk where it was thrown into folds. The breasts

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before serving. A nice seasoning is made by adding a

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not covered with a thick coat of fat the skin is removed

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be forewarned is to be forearmed and if to this matter

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and put it with the water into a stewpan. Add the shalot

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XX. Statistical Report of the Ophthalmic Department

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Samples furnished on application to those physicians who

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complete in another fourteen days. Pain is absent. There is usually

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father and mother nor his brothers and sisters nor as regards his

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healthy action. The part should be kept at rest in an

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with terrible pain in her abdomen a nd severe pain in both shoulders.

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Either a vein or artery or both passing towards the lower lobe of

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out by Thiersch grafts applied on the dental composition.

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Operation October Intratracheal ether patient lying on

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The ligature of arteries had a definite place in the surgical treatment of


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