The larynx was in no case involved after admission.
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ingredient. It is peculiarly fitted for medicinal or any
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been fitted up in suitable rooms where the patient can rest
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to prevent the ingress of fresh air into his quarters. Indeed when the
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molecular change in the central nervous system or in the endocrine
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wall of the axilla and at the time of admission it was most
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GO per cent of mental defectives also seem to be the subject
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past experience of curetting an operation which I often performed when
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mination and found the parts quite normal. No thickening
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the arterial pulse the contractions of the ventricles it became
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of the rhythmical ejaculatory action of the ureter.
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the blood it might be mentioned here that from examination of infants
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forearm seemed about normal. The head of the humerus
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typical facies of congenital syphilis. The mother informed Mr. Pitts that he
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carrying out a more detailed and complete surgical technique.
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seen others very similar the organism has apparently given rise to a
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In estimating dosage there were other factors to be considered.
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post mortem examinations on dead animals. The infected Japanese shaving
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other purposes where a carefully prepared and unadul
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with regard to personal habits so frequently to be observed are generally due


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