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burst with a crack like a pop gun and evacuated itself on the
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fever and occasional vomiting. Sent to convalescent home. Admitted on
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dyspnoea on exertion. According to StClair Thomson only twenty
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good results depend very largely upon little minutice which
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The clinical diagnosis lay between congenital heart disease compli
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proportion he was unable to furnish. He agreed with Mr. Hughes that the
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compromised. But no judgment is passed and enough has been said to
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which she appears to have made a complete recovery. Four healthy children.
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in the transfer of wounded and the deputation placed on record
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eggs a tablespoonful of salt one pint of brandy mix
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of legs in. Of fatal cases in female a readmission
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pack. A sheet should be wrung out of hot water and wrapped
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technique and increased knowledge of the disease itself these risks had
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Another condition which may give rise to difficulty in
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rounded prominence. On palpation there was evident a large mass in the
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By experience I have found the following practical points to be
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find it remarkably free from fusel oil and other objec
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odor and taste of which are often a hindrance to their use. This
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most important of the first class are adenoids deviated septum hypertrophy of
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and tie with thread or skewer together with short toothpicks
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the constant and faradic currents in a more or less imperfect
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Sprinkle a large cupful of salt over them and let stand over
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In conespoDdiDB with Advertiaei please mention THE MEDICAL AND SURGICAL REPORTER
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retain the temperature of the body. The hours of rest
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now being sold may be described as inferior and to this fact
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offered by the Very Rev. Dr. M Adam Muir His Majesty was


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