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Faculty of Medicine presented the medical graduates for the
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prnment for use in Medical Department of the Army and Navy. Thej
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In conclusion I do not think ulceration of the stomach is
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contact with the poles. Further the claim that ionic medication modifies
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his age and infirmities and recommended the continuance
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not dislodged from moist surfaces by currents of air. If all
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speaking offensive evidently contained few active bacteria
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the legs as tested by flexion of the joints but the right
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birth by transmission directly from some affected individual.
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protein prepared from faecal cultures the bacteria being killed at C
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medical practitioners in the area. Discussion had also arisen
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sionally pursues in other parts of the body. It is seldom
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methods of administration carefully examine our patients before operation
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good non conductor of heat and maintains warmth in the
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spasm so intense as to simulate gall stone colic occasionally
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striking feature was constant involuntary movements of the limbs
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and two teaspoonfuls of baking powder. Bake slowly.
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involving the sigmoid flexure have been recognised for many
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Dr. PEINGLE said that the report of the Sub committee which examined
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present day. Its flavor is quite pleasant and agreeable
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odor and taste of which are often a hindrance to their use. This
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cervix. At ojieration omentum and parietal peritoneum were
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and remove Headache Sleepiness etc. which are the usual accompaniments of indigestion.


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