resistance was unimpaired either a massive dose of bacilli or prolonged ex
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amount of good that could be done by the prompt assistance
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be scarified and three grains of bromide of potassium may
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metabolic rate with a high degree of tachycardia. Cases with a high metabolic
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authorities so that no question of local boundaries may impair
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pertaining to the district in question shows however that not more than per
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adhesion arrests decay induces healthy action of the gums
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opia. Pupils moderately dilated equal reactions very
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nipple clear and straw coloured. On examination large globular tumour in left
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when filled will contain just enough fluid for the expan
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made three quarters of an hour after food. Leucocytes mainly large multi
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every day in the wards. Let us call it Mead s method.
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inhibition probably in the majority of cases general affecting all the functions
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anus. Santonine is the most effectual remedy for these
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by the lower margin of the fold of Douglas. The condition
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nerves to their origin we note the following which concern
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disease group pneumonia among lung diseases has definitely increased.
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and add three eggs and one pint of milk and beat the whole
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pushed forwards and to left by a large fixed swelling occu
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by soaking the pads with simple solution of sodium chloride as by using
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unsatisfactory for reasons to be presently mentioned I
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cyanosed the alae nasi were working freely and the breathing was of
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mortality rate of seamen was higher than that estimated to prevail amongst
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buried in by stitches and the distended colon was pleated and
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and the nucleus especially increase in size and the latter divides. Each part
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defective that they cannot see their books rush at work
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abscess did subsequently form but I had not done what I
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cases Nos. and one had been under treatment for interstitial
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scientific basis the theory of ionic medication should be relegated to the
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Mental Diseases A Text book of Psychiatry for Medical
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For further information in regard to the instrument address
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said that after hearing Sir Humphry Eolleston s address he was reminded of
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with a thick layer of ice also salted. The mould should
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as a remedy for Consumption yet we can testify to its great value


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