the thin cut edge of the antronasal septum was uncovered by mucous membrane.

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Physician to the Pennsylvania Free Dispensary for Skin Disease.

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In corresponding with Advertisers please mention THE MEDICAL AND SURGICAL REPORTER.

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to end suture with Murphy s button peritonitis. Union given way on in

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months later similar lesions came out on the knuckles of both hands

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Just beneath the epidermis lies the true skin or corium

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Average number of days of each patient s stay in hospital .

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Patient began to walk at months and to talk at months

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Circulatory system. His pulse rate at first averaged about

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venereal diseases had done for experience had shown the mistakes likely to

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to minims. She was also given Blaud s pills. Under treatment the

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an interval of five minutes all results being compared with the normal

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the amount of contractile material which a given amount of calcium can

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with fibroids of lower uterine segment. Patient developed sym

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ensure absolute sterility it must be sterilised in the ordinary way on

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April twenty seven days after the last operation and twenty

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If the granulation tissue at the spot from which the adherent

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patient constantly in motion till the drowsy feeling wears off.

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etiology of this condition In many of these cases there is no

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some days after the performance of the radical mastoid

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main for some time. Fine pieces of coal placed in a de

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sufficiently thick to retain their humidity but not too thick

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Thus affections of speech are caused on the emissive side by

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agrees perfectly. A tepid bath is the one most generally

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mology th February there is some interesting information regarding the

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on the one hand are employing in diagnosis and treatment various electrical

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in a boiler and use it on the carpet with a sponge.

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on the contrary implies that in the treatment of any dis

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been swollen and she had had one or two fits during the


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