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to the back of a spoon pour over the fowl and serve.

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Table. Mortality for different age periods duri t j.

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From Evelyn s diary the following passage is quoted

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from old gastrie ulceration leading fco adhesions which extended

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antistreptococcin given. Erom ihis date progress rapid to recovery. Discharged

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Practical Chemistry and Physics. Anatomical and Physiological

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evidenced by presenting curious and troublesome nerve symptoms even

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or it may be that recurrent haemorrhage saps the patient s

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stand out pre eminently among their fellows and to pay to

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Lateral anastomosis between ileum and sig Carcinoma on peritoneum. Button

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the findings of the Medical Eesearch Committee and concluded that a positive

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Cerveau par le Docteur Gall ce viscere etant considere comme l organe immediat


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