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over six weeks. Later swelling appeared again and sinus re opened. Adhesions
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The healing effect of heat has been known and employed
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Operation July Incision commenced in the neck finishing
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pink glazed centres with yellow or white crusted margins. In the middle of
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proved unnecessary in all and would not have been used
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the cases of mitral valve disease found during routine examination of children
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of Glasgow will not suffer such a beneficent enterprise to perish
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but the presentation Avas cranial and the birth straight
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portion removed to hospital and these differences bring us back to the
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weather. The period of dentition is particularly liable to
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siderable importance. Typhoid in ships was generally due to carriers not
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The X ray examination confirms the cardiac enlargement the aortic
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For safeguarding the health of nurses and other attendants on
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those of normal tissues. Apart from ordinary fibrous tissue
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such cases as may appear to them to have been the cause of
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the abdominal parietal peritoneum and thence into the
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clinically alike but not pathologically akin. This explains the differences of
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on his father s resignation and carried on the anatomical lectures conjointly
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itself has been inherited but that it has been produced after
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given to senior students. Operations in this Department are performed on
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complement. Thus the test is as Professor Muir says a
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the hands of the Assistant Director of Medical Services Colonel
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diligence ever altering and framing and suiting his medicins
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fine sateen outside fine lining inside and a slight stif
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intention. Had the pus been examined during the operation
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one half cupful of butter one cupful of milk four eggs
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paralysis oh the left side with a hemiplegia on the right.
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many anaemias and in certain exhaustive states probably belong to this
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not smegma bacilli. That again gave us pause. A few days later cystoscopy
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oatmeal while still wet. Honey is also very good used in
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and the mortality insignificant. During the sixteen years under review
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The fifth issue of The British Pharmacopoeia will be published
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was found to be simple granulation tissue. Morell Mackenzie referred in his


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