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hypertrophied and dilated. Chronic interstitial nephritis. Pathologist reports
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war has been eagerly shared in by the Territorial Force many
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of offensive pus bad been drawn off tlirougli one of the lower
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but immediate examination of the pelvic pus would have
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injury at the operation short of actual division with the result that the
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Obstruction to the passage of air through the nasal channels and naso pharynx
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quantities of Acetates and Valerinaies of Ethyl and
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pour over it a ladle full of the hot consomme and serve at
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lono and its terminal quarter of an inch was almost separated by ulceration.
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the top about half an inch apart. Bake in a quick oven.
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U the present time mullein is compulsorily applied by law to all ponies
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In view of the statement made by Dwight and others as to
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asylums. They may equally arise through accumulation
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work each roll smooth and place in the baking pan in rows
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Of cases discharged was admitted three times the intussuscep
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compared with her condition there that day. Then she had been plumper
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arytaenoideus muscle was not completely paralysed and might receive an
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causing the displacement of the globe cutting into its wall
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natia and for the third and last. Belladonna and Jgnatia
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by augmenting the peristaltic movement of the intestine without producing undue secretion oi


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