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throughout the winter by storing them in a dry place when
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intercepting the chemical rays of the sun but the condition cannot
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employers can run the risk of taking a child from a blind
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the aetiology of the disease. As regards aetiology the following are axioms
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often diminished very greatly and might disappear completely in a few weeks.
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Opinions arc invited as to its nature and the treatment advised.
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Waters. Its numerous competitors appear to have one after
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by patient by means of violent taxis. Reduction occupied hours. Ad
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At the end of their sick furlough the men are required to
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titioner must have in order to follow the given technique.
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observations. They commenced with a small dose of millions and were
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Vinaj was enabled to corroborate these results by observation on the human
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sounds. Moreover the answers they can make are reduced to a very
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and numerous other points of administration. Offences
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Apoplexy Tetanus Pertussis Asthma Reflex Vomiting of Pregnancy Wlania
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Mrs. W. aged an out patient at the Boyal Waterloo Hospital
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scalp indeed she seemed very susceptible to cutaneous infection as she had it
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movement of the intestines without producing undue secretion of the liqc ids. Unlike
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In the alimentary system taste is impaired or vitiated mastication is
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liminary cold affusion should bo made to the head. No procedure below the
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and recommend d by eminent Phj sicians and Chetoists
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was under observation some remained. No cardiac lesion developed. In ten


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