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them to believe that few above the normal proportion died and he Mr.

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Case of Ununited Fracture of the Humerus treated by the

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skin and dredge it with flour. It should not be placed too

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case the nodules were those of calcinosis. A point against these nodules being

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fingers breadth below costal margin. In hospital two days Nothing abnormal

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ditions the risk of the first purchase by a physician

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three and a half weeks he received four intravenous injections

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feel inclined to agree with those who think it is sclerodermia. M first

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nerve fibres. Others were of more or less aberrant type

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Among the theories of more modern times is that of Thoma who considers

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think it is increasing. There is no history of similar affection in his

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speaks with all the authority of a pioneer in the modern

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used under an appropriate impulse. The speechless man is not word

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differently for different meals it will be best to arrange

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will do well to favor us with correspondence and obtain estimates. Men

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have any inclination to do so he may under appropriate external stimuli

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which developed later into complete constipation the bowels

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This is in every way a most admirable translation of a

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cent. Inrge mononuclear per cent. th day red corpus les white

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He would state those problems in the form of questions and would answer

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where closure of infant classes has been regularly applied whenever

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oven should be very hot for the first ten or fifteen minutes

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infection ivith formation of adhesions between right lobe

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cribed to the extension of surface brought about by succus

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About the same time I had under my observation a man aged from

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prominence by Dr. Wm. Murrell of London who has given

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dark around the mouth has a tumid belly dark rings round

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length as the charlotte mould against the sides of which


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