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If the stomach is overloaded an emetic will be proper a


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whole whereas the younger liberals and republicans passionately

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patient should have been thoroughly warmed beforehand. In nervous persons

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For further information in regard to the instrument address

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given iu the Report of.the lu patient Department for tlie Diseases of Women.

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of the motor unit for the purpose of garage and housing the

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therapy. The large anode tube would give considerably more uniform

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had not seen any harm result from their presence. They represented pre

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collection which abuts upon the much altered submucosa.

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of Derby president of the twentieth annual congress of the

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border of the cord and becoming cystic. The cystic part had replaced the

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After his election at St. Thomas s Mead practised in the

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settled in Govanhill where he conducted a large practice until

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of reproducing the species and thus perpetuating the race there is no further

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seems to be distinctly tender to the touch. None have been removed

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FORMULA. Llaterin Is the essential Antiseptic constituent of Thyme

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ing the heroic reduction of temperature in fever by the use of

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sorts of instruments have been invented which generally

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hour and put in the crumbs of the rolls. When well soaked

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fresh normal human serum. Salvarsan injection and all other means had failed.

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up with water. Milk or sugar and water may be given if

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unnecessary for a small cyst. He had mentioned trauma as a possible cause

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patients were very toxemic was very deeply jaundiced

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of a dull pain in the right lumbar region extending forwards towards

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learned that the Infirmary managers had decided to remove the

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subject further research was needed more especially with regard to the speci

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in so far as incapacity to work or enjoy life is concerned.

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To some nervous highly organized persons this would be

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consciousness persisted and the higher centres cut off from the external

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distance and three minutes or interruptions at half time distance

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secretion and excretion of the body. No longer can a simple

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remains in the carving of the ivory should be blown out if

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affected the lower pelvis. The upper ureter led up to a

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present patient very difficult and tedious birth at full term

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A rough but fairly accurate method of estimating the health of a


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