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ERYSIPELAS treatment by hypodermic iujection L. A. Bidwell
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these stigmata and the Wassermann reaction in the blood was negative even
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that either reproduction ceases or is so feebly performed that the organs of
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Dr. Cockayne considered the President s diagnosis was correct. During the
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Optic neuritis noted on both sides. Cldld died suddenly after an attack of
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mass was made up of organs which subserved the manifestations of the
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pared expressly for medical use. From it all the volatile and otherwise offensive
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had recently been pointed out by de Wesselow who had used MacLean s
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as a remedy for Consumption yet we can testify to its great value
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In conclusion of the cases admitted to Denton Hospital I would mention
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suspension appears necessary to prevent the spread of infection.
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He begins by discussing the choice of abdominal incision with relation to nerve
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that recorded would have had to be dealt with by subhyoid pharyngotomy. In
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when filled will contain just enough fluid for the expan
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Occasional attacks of dyspnoea. Tumour of neck noticed weeks. On examina
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the amount of small pox scarlet fever and typhus in London.
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The following particulars have been furnished by Professor MaoLean who
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tentative proceeding. Definitely hot or cold immersion and plunge baths
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to every meal and it is a great convenience to have plenty of
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normal. Xo treatment had so far been adopted so the
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and the following given Take of bicarbonate of sodium
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embedded in the upper part of the right acetabulum.


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