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and Dr. Pearson which had a single manometer. With a double manometer

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significance of pain. With this end in view he has laid under

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If not thick enough put in a little butter and flour.


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Cross. A medical correspondent of the Times writing from

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six months. The patient was admitted to the Regent Home

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the pyogenic staphylococci the coccus cutis communis and the acne bacillus.

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Chronic Bronchitis and other affections of the respiratory organs and is

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address to the King who handed Sir Matthew his reply. On

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January. It is not sufficient to say that the unsalted character ol this

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other Fbvbrs Zymotic Disbases Diphtheria Scarlet Fever Dyspepsia

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which breaks into two or three pieces and finally unites irregularly

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lard and fry a nice brown turning them when required.

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May Feeling well putting on flesh. Pulse both standing and lying down

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ichthyosis as when I first saw the case the scaling was very marked

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Dr. KNOWSLEY SIBLEY considered the case essentially one of tubercular lymph

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CARBENZOL SOAP is a safeguard against external infec

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sweet milk two teaspoonfuls of baking powder and flour

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Where I is the intensity at the surface of the tumour d its

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radiating disc of cm. diameter and the upper for a disc of cm.

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assembled in joint meeting are of opinion that the prevalence of tuber

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He intended to procure a more satisfactory photograph. His attempts at obtaining a

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developed symptoms of hypothyroidism which were only controlled by the

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means of carrying on the trade of this country is paramount and that

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with a tuhercle vaccine the observation and study of a collection of cases

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drinking the slightly infected tuberculous milk that would continue to exist

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