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not uncommon cases of intermittent albuminuria of childhood. As in the case

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Rule prescribes the conditions in which medical help must

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protrusions are met with in the neighbourhood of the inguinal

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SAVORY amp MOORE begto call the attention of the Profession

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undertake a new case with any confidence as to the ultimate result.

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Method of Irradiation I. We will take as the radiation conditions

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made the same mistake that alcoholismus is a disease grafted upon an

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important to note. It is assumed in all the cases described that there

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spiration. The heart s apex beat was situated in the fifth intercostal space

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and after being seated in the chair wrap one or two large

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serves investigation from those members of the profession who have not used it.

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afforded information as to the action of the ventricles and

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DOSE One to two FLUID drachms IN WATER three times a day.

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flow which latter lasted three to four days. Patient has had

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we discovered two large tortuous varicose veins extending

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acetabulum carious abscess in iliac fossa with caries of ilium no communica

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The following Scholarships Prizes and Medals will be offered for Com

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