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The book is one of the Edinburgh Medical Series and as stated
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Dr. McArthur is not only a good chemist and pliysiologi.ct he
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case but with the certain knowledge that he has erred in
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The following particulars have been furnished by Professor MaoLean who
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the diseased cells received what they might call a unit skin dose the
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cases of tumour of the pelvis that induced me to try the
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occupation must be suspended but outdoor employment in
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add enough cider to moisten and cook all together for one
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painful hemorrhoids. For bleeding piles use the following
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Formerly it was held that by attracting blood to the skin the congestion
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using the word cause in its true sense then mankind would have been
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sac and a probability of some sloughing the lower end of
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admitted in all dinners. The loin must be cut rather long
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did not enter the pulmonary auricle but the systemic fig B.
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This was the only case of his which had required three operations.
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in the principles and method of examination of the circulator respiratory
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broth and vinegar peel and cut the potatoes into long thin
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prognosis in such cases in which bacilli were persistently present when treated
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and constitution. Some require warm baths and cannot
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The death was due to intestinal obstruction ileus paialyticus.
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nation of the centrifuge sediment showed some granular and cellular tube casts
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stomach was the organ affected and that the disease was
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transient quickening the respiration became slower and deeper the lungs were
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endowed by the Salters Company with a view to the promotion of research
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heat of diathermy which rapidly relaxes the spasm and hence relieves the
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In corresponding with Advertisers please mention THE MEDICAL AND SUKGICAL EEPORTEK.
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Fortunately there was the biological test the Wassermann reaction and as
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