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the partaking of a full meal by persons in good health.

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are hypertrophied they should also be removed at the same time. The author

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for your estate after your death. Truly a money getler.

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The results of his investigations are embodied in the reports

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syphilis and the satisfaction evoked by Dr. Findlay s per cent successes

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there is space to accommodate two beds so much the better

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thereafter he proceeded to the study of medicine in the Univer


every respect to the picture of splenic anaemia and this diagnosis

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machinery for dealing with such cases. Yet these classes must

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normally in contact with the radius. Slight general osteo arthritic change in

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irregularly distributed and often giving rise to pouches in its interior while

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negative Wassermann reaction was obtained in four with sis to eight

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pear shaped. Small projection half way along lesser curvature with

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abnormally backward and there was a distinct suggestion

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LISTER S DRESSING surgical cases most suitable for J. V

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Son Francisco. Phelan Bld at any branch point drop in

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Internal Bleeding. Instances of this form of bleeding are

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The patient was somewhat shocked after the operation but revived

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days duration whose condition before operation was fairly

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there be a dry imperspirable skin a febrile state cough and

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reduced with butter or oil mixed up with bread crumbs and

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A corbeille of fruit rich abundant and varied in its

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