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now healthy and active members of society. Dr. Strickland Goodall s records

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and its replacement by an original pedicle flap from the forehead. The

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abdominal pain localised to the right iliac fossa three weeks after the

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the oven. The centerpiece may be either of punch cake

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discovered during laparotomies for relief of gastric or intestinal

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beater and it is ready to serve. This is a nice dressing for

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For some time then she ceased attendance but in June

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yellow pigmentation and was dry and inelastic. Drowsy and apathetic

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thoroughly trained and fully qualified nurses for those requiring

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become brittle and more liable to fracture changes in their shape occur

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that nearly all of them had now been incorporated. The

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and notoriously a man of strife is said to have ended in a

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Large hard mass on left side of neck fairly definitely encapsuled pressing upon

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Florence Winifred Heywortb Liverpool Norman Hamilton

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tubercular detritus and purulent matters into the general circulation.

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longer life which might lead to pulmonary fibrosis and according to Still and


junction with the pelvis. These vessels were divided but a constriction

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and much granulation tissue was scraped away. A tube

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Patient had been an inmate of Adelaide Ward about a mouth pre

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done. It should be strained and put by in a cool place until

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been frequently recurring attacks of parotitis usually of the right

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invaginated portion of the colon blocked the opening so

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lated will do for your purpose. Make the paste stiff and

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Peroueal type in spastic condition of legs in double equino


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stunted cusps wei e stuck like small beads. The hypoplastic tooth being

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To any Physician writing to us we will send a Quart bot

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in enough water to cover the meat. Sprinkle a little salt

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enough perhaps to justify criticism or even to arouse full appreciation it

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the four cases so treated one died apparently from shock the

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System should receive the careful attention of good therapeutists.

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had perforated. Free air in abdomen general peritonitis with pints of fluid


first few years of life. This was generally recognized as regards the acute

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abnormal detected in heart or lungs urine sp. gr. lU

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When anaesthesia is complete the gauze is pulled through the

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Table OflSce and Family Batteries Electrodes Electric Bath Apparatus Statical Elec

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some bacterial infection though the bacteriologists are by no means agreed

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supply will be equal to the demand remains to he seen and

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above the posterior part of the diaphragm and the posterior shoulder

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acute nephritis by the direct application of ice to the freely exposed

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was at his work and apparently in his usual health he fell

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cirrhosis would readily produce this effect. In other words that the cirrhosis

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He is an undersized child st. J lb. but does not present

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cloth till all the moisture is absorbed from them. Put the

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sugar with a large half cupful of butter add two eggs the

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thought it was best so as it was important that the first pupils

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Professor of Obstetrics Clinical Midwifery and Clinical Gynecology.

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he called anarthria and aphasia. By anarthria he understood

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or melted butter in either case this sauce must be served

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mains because the levator scapulas is intact if the

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idiot. He has been clean in his habits since his second year.

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representative members of the Vienna medical school. Pain


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